Friday, August 22, 2008

Aromatherapy - an useful e book

Picture yourself living in a Paradise where you can smell millions of roses, and experience the luxury comfort to ease pains and release tension from the daily routine. Could it be real? Yes! Find out the amazing secret of aromatherapy like our ancestors did. Learn how they used Aromatherapy to heal various ailment, beautify their skin and to create the romantic mood.

Did you know ....

The Ancient Romans greatly appreciated fragrance, and wealthy men and women used scented oils daily in massage to soften and protect their skin from the harsh and dry climate

Cleopatra is said to have seduced Mark Anthony with fragrance by covering the floors 20 inches deep in rose petals

The ancient Greeks believed that aromatics enabled them to sober after drinkilng to much wine

Wealthy Athenians used scented oils for massage and were thought to have medicinal properties

The Egyptians soothed their faces with hot towels and scented oils after shaving and wealthy women refreshed their bodies with rose water

Aromatic oils have been used in Chinese herbalism for thousand of years

Throughout Asia perfumes have always been prized for their medicinal and cosmetic properties

Aromatherapy has been practiced throughout history for thousand of years, scented woods and oils of flowers have been used in the pursuit of happiness and health because they gave them many powers.

The Secret Powers of Aromatherapy an e book by Debra Fletcher introduces you how You could get the benefits of essential oils for health and beauty. This book is very useful to know about the secrets of aromatherapy.

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