Friday, August 22, 2008

School fashion show

School fashion show for teens of California

The Lakewood Center is hosting the fashion show today at 4 pm. The gala event at Los Cerritos Center will take place tomorrow at 6 pm and Stonewood will hold the grand fashion show on August 24 at 6 pm.

This fashion show has generated lot of interest among the American teens who have a zeal for fashion and love to flaunt at every possible occasion for attracting attention.

Stonewood Center, Lakewood Center and Los Cerritos Center in Downey, California are buzzing with various activities for their valuable customers these days. The three shopping malls are gearing up for holding Back to School fashion show, this week, that will present latest trends for fall.

You can watch gorgeous garments of famous stores of Aerpostale, Zumiez, Finish line, Anchor blue, Beach works and vans.

Nine teenagers will be picked up for as face of these three famous shopping destinations. Try to visit the event.

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