Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lavender Oil

Freshness brings beauty to the body and Aromatherapy helps in making you fresh, active and live in fashion ramp. Lavender oil has long been used in perfume industry which is also an integral part of the aromatherapy.

The lavender scent has a calming effect leads to relaxation and reduction of anxiety. It is also used for meditation preparation which balances mind and body, promoting a sense of stillness.

On a class study of fragrances and perfumes, I came across this interesting Lavender oil and collected sufficient infromation on it. Then I thought of buying the same and looked at as usual amazon super store huf my heart beat stopped! It is costing $7+ for 30 ml!!

Not affordable, then a friend of mine who runs botique in Miami area says she buys in bulk at cheaper prices. So, it is quality and quantity when you buy 1 ltr pack at just $68. Dont you think it is worth?

People want Lavender oil can buy at Buy

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